Sunday, April 17, 2011


well, it appears i've been away for longer than i thought! my daytime job has been kicking my a+double dollar signs...i should call it my day, night, and weekend time job. but, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the craziness should be over by the first week in may. and it cannot come soon enough! i miss writing, crafting, surfing [the web kind, of course] and spending time with my family.

but i have found some time today to touch base and write up some posts to share what i have been able to do with any spare seconds from the last couple of weeks or when i just needed a sanity check!

like this, for example:

i was looking through my adhesive bin for glue for my son the other day and came across a bottle fabric stiffener that has been in there i don't know how long. i thought 'i want to make a doily bowl' and so, i did! 

i crocheted the minty green doily, put the stiffener in a plastic container with water, dunked and soaked the doily and molded it around a pyrex mixing bowl. and when i got up this morning, voila, it was a pretty bowl. just stiff enough but not too hard or crunchy. i was worried that with sitting and age, the stiffener might have lost it's effectiveness but i'm really pleased with the results!

these are super simple and fun to make! i think i might make some up in other non-traditional colors and various sizes to use in displays and sell at Market Day [which is another reason i can't wait to be done with this big project at work...i need to get ready for the first show of the season on May 28th!].

i would love to hear what you all have been up to in the last two weeks!

**update: found 'Crowns Surround' pattern by Cille Heckenbach on Ravelry but i did not stitch the last round in the pattern