Sunday, February 27, 2011


hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

mine was pretty good even though i was sick most of last week [cold, cough, yuck] and am still trying to shake it. so, let's see what did i get accomplished?

-worked friday night at my day job [a contradiction i know but i have have to work one friday night about every other month] during which time it snowed a bit
puppy prints

-took some pics for Etsy vintage's a sample of what's to come
peacock napkin holder

-went through a box from an auction last summer full of vintage fabrics and quilt pieces. i LOVE going through the box and seeing exactly what goodies i ended up with, all the while picturing what i'm going to sew the already cut squares or sewn blocks into. but i HATE the soaking, washing and ironing that it all requires. i know, i know, it's a necessity but to me it's the worst part. however, almost the whole box was worth all the's a few pics that shows about 1/4 of what was in the box total [and you have my sincere apologies for these dark, flash bombed photos, but it was dark outside. what are you going to do?]
oh, and did i mention there were four full feedsacks in the stash! mwahahaha! [can you tell i love feedsacks? :D ] three are the same pattern but the one on top is wonderful and still vibrant!
 AND there was  a couple of good-sized pieces of bark cloth in the mix too!

one last thing: Rachel from One Pretty Thing so very kindly included my crocheted wrist warmer pattern in her Crochet Roundup yesterday! thanks soooo much, Rachel, i really appreciate the mention!!

well, those are the highlights of my weekend. i need to go swap out a load of fabric...

what exciting things and projects did you work on this weekend?