Thursday, April 8, 2010

mail call...

...some lovely things have been delivered to me recently.

Vintage linens from Evelyn @ Use the Loot [in a special addressed envelope by someone not an adult- love it!]
I asked for my linens to be mainly green and put in a special request for the 'gingham' print specifically, and boy did she deliver!
I had ideas on how to use these before they even arrived!

I also received very lovely packaging from Nice Package. Unfortunately, Ez had to close the online store due to a move halfway across the country, but stop by her lovely blog Creature Comforts- you won't be sorry...


And the last item I received in the past week, but not through the mail, are these pillow cases embroidered by my maternal great-grandmother. 

My great-aunt had them stored in her cedar chest where they have been living for at least 30 years and I don't believe they have ever been used. My great-aunt wanted to make sure we (the great-granddaughters) all had something our great-grandma had made. 

Little Grandma Smith did a lot of embroidery. When I was a young girl, I had a pillow case that she embroidered that looked like Cinderella. It was my favorite and ended up with some tears and holes after all of the use and eventually my aunt sewed it into a doll. Hmmm...I know that doll is around here somewhere. And I'm hoping my mom can find the baby blanket she made for me too... 
I just can't believe how lucky I am to now have these! So, do you think this proves that craftiness is in the genes? :D