Thursday, June 10, 2010

putting my name on paper...

... I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I was participating in the May Market Day [more on that later in a separate post, but it was better than expected!]. You know, I don't think I ever truly appreciated how much work goes into getting show-ready! Whew!

My first order of business was to create business cards and a table banner:

It took a while for me to figure out what I wanted my 'brand' to look like. But here's how I created the final results... 

First, I downloaded the vintage looking Matchbook font [found via How About Orange], formatted my business cards and large banner letters in MS Word and then printed them on paper... Avery linen textured for the business cards [I love the feel of these cards!] and card stock for the banner letters. 

The backs of the cards and backgrounds for the banner are printed with colors and patterns I created at [alos found via How About Orange]. The common color on all of the tartans is gray and then the accent colors are based on colors of washi tape I had previously purchased from Tinted Mint

The tape was used to hold the letters on the backgrounds for the banner and to put a stripe on the left side of the cards. [Oh and I also used the tape to attach price tags to my items- I love this tape for being low-tack but sticking when it really needs to!] For the banner I then crocheted a white rope and attached the letters with small silver clips. 

So, what do you think? Do they work for both vintage and handmade? Do they look like something a third grader would make in art class? Any feedback would be much appreciated!