Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i haven't been feeling up to snuff in the last four days. i twisted my back- not sure how but woke up with it all knotted up on Sunday morning. then on Monday, i started feeling flu-ish in the afternoon. needless to say, i've spent the last two and a half days with an electric hot pad on my back and a cool wash cloth on my forehead. awful!

i'm hoping to get back on my feet and back to work tomorrow- just in time to have Friday off for a three day weekend and do the things that didn't get done this past weekend. i haven't been out of the house yet this week and would really like to have a chance to wear these fingerless gloves i made...

i was going to just do the simple quick rectangle sewn up the side leaving a hole for my thumb but then i thought 'why not try stripes?'. which the led to small scallops on the top and larger scallops on the cuff.

and when they were finished, i read my husband's mind which was saying 'oh god, another gray/black item in her wardrobe- imagine that' and i knew i needed to add a little pop of color to throw him off track. 

i'm thinking that the next pair i make i will sew on a small round button and then make flowers in various colors and interchangeable. i'm also contemplating making this my first ever tutorial...would you be interested?