Monday, February 1, 2010

blog banner...

...updated! Using my trusty GIMP and basic info from Design Mom, I was able to make a real, (but not real professional :D) blog header.

A special 'Thanks!' to my friend, Amy @ Ponder and Stitch (you really must check out her beautiful blog and cuffs), for the tips and ideas on how to make the appearance of my blog better!! 

The weekend was pretty uneventful, consisting mainly of watching old movies on TCM (think Wuthering Heights and Five Came Back) with my husband and transferring what seemed like thousands of pictures from the hard drive of my Mac to an external hard drive (fun, fun!). Oh, I did get new pictures uploaded to Etsy for some of my current listings... now if I could just get to my new listings that I already have pictures for! 

Please let me know what you think about my new banner... and have a great week!

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PonderandStitch said...

Yay, you made a banner! :) I just love that embroidery...good job! I'm going to be doing a post about your new blog soon- I'm pretty exhausted right now after spending some time moving a few things to the new house today (but mostly emotionally exhausted..ugh!).

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