Sunday, February 21, 2010

granny square...

...pillow cover. I needed a new pillow for my desk chair during my 'winter break' and decided that surely I could just make two granny squares, sew them together and then insert a pillow form.

Of course once I got started and realized how large the spaces in a granny square, I decided I would need to cover the pillow insert as well. I also decided I would need some way to hold the insert in without a zipper (I need more practice first! :D) and while I'm at it, I might as well just make the whole things washable. And I wanted to use buttons to hold the squares closed.

So here are the pieces (I ended up using different buttons because I needed five across instead of four)

And here's everything all put together
Did you notice that I reversed the order of the colors on each side? Would anyone be interested in a tutorial on this pillow? 

And there's a great story about the chair the pillow now calls home (I have a 'thing' for old wood chairs... might make for a good post series?)

Had a great weekend since I spent most of it thrifting, flea marketing and antiquing. I'll be sharing my finds this week- some for my etsy shop and some for me! 

Have a good week everyone!

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PonderandStitch said...

I would totally be interested in a tutorial!!!!

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