Sunday, February 7, 2010


...for Grandma. Not sure which grandmother, but either mine or one of husband's grandmas. This is my 'prototype' for the others:
Using this Purl Bee post as inspiration, I started with a piece of white card stock. The black & white pockets are made out of the inside linings of envelopes I have been accumulating from statements, solicitations, etc. trimmed with black washi tape [purchased from Tinted Mint ].  Both the pockets and the card stock are hole-punched around the outside [somewhat evenly :D] and to hold it all together I crocheted around the edge with red crochet thread (size 3). I added a little tag to the front pocket, created a Happy Valentines Day tag [seen in back pocket], and stuffed the heart with a vintage hankie and a heart pin I crocheted with red/white bakers twine using the same pattern I used here. I hope Grandma likes it!


Kelley said...

Those are very original valentines! I like the black checkered design. It's cute but not too girly.

craftydill said...

thanks kelley! i'm not really into hearts as a general rule but i've been know to throw a couple around this time of year :D

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