Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my boss made me do it

yep, if it weren't for my boss, i wouldn't have picked up those needles, re-taught myself knitting and abandoned everything else. i taught myself to knit about five years ago and had resisted re-learning because i knew that i just didn't need to have ANOTHER craft in the mix. but noooo, my boss had to ask me if i would help her and her daughter with a knitting kit they had bought- to make sure they were doing it right. so, i 'reluctantly' took it home to make sure i knew what i was doing and that i was teaching them the right way. that was the beginning of the end of all things not knitting for a while. here are a couple of by-products...

Kittyhawk Cowl: Pattern by Katy Osterwald
Sock pattern found here

i really have had a lot of fun making these things but i had forgotten how time consuming knitting can be! this is my first pair of socks i've knitted ever and good golly are they slow going [Courtney, i'm looking for your feedback here!]. but, i'm a sock fanatic and so i am really excited to finish up the second one...besides winter is almost over and i don't think wool socks will be very practical when it gets warmer out.

have you picked up a new or forgotten craft lately?