Friday, March 25, 2011

tutorial @ wild olive

i'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the super-talented Mollie from Wild Olive. but if you have yet to be introduced, click the image below. i'll wait...

she really is a fantastic designer, illustrator, crafter and embroiderer! and as an extension, her blog is equally wonderful! i really love her style- simple, clean, fun and colorful!

last month, one of her posts mentioned sponsorship spots were available on her blog. the beauty of her sponsor program is that only your blog -not your shop- can sponsor her blog,  which really intrigued me. so i shot off an email and she accepted my blog as sponsor-worthy!

as a added bonus, she has fun and interactive posts each month where she asks her sponsors a question and each person provides an answer. this month's "the story of:" was about sneaking away from everyday life for a while- where would you go and what would you do. there was some great answers and it was a good way for me to get to know my fellow bloggers.

today, Mollie is featuring great giveaways [think embroidery patterns, embroidery supplies, a baby blanket, a shop credit and a fawn necklace] and diys [creative packaging and a crocheted Granny Square Tutorial] from her sponsors. can you guess by reading that list which is mine? :) i would be most humbled if you would check out my crocheted Granny Square Tutorial and let me know what you think...