Tuesday, March 1, 2011


i just love the color orange, don't you? i recently purchased this canister set at a flea market here in town... 

my original intention was to buy them to sell in my Etsy shop, but once they made their way into my kitchen, i could not part with their orange-y goodness!
i'm guessing there is one size missing from the set that would fit in between the largest and the next smallest, but i really don't care :)

and the canisters served as a bit of inspiration for helping me decide my color choices for a little spontaneous crochet/recycling project. 
the can held peanuts and is much like a crescent roll package - paper on the outside, metallic inside and metal bottom. so, i carefully washed out the inside of the can and hooked up a cozy for it. and here is the final result...

it's pretty tall which makes it perfect for holding longer items and looks nice sitting next to the canisters.

what spontaneous projects have you finished lately?