Sunday, March 27, 2011

vintage finds: rummage sale

i cannot resist a hand-written sign that says 'rummage sale', 'garage sale' or 'yard sale' when driving by it. i wasn't quite prepared for the one i saw yesterday. i mean, it felt a little early for the sale season, especially when we've had tornadoes and snow in the same week! however, you can have a rummage sale inside a church anytime of year i guess and i was pleasantly surprised and felt absolutely giddy when i saw the sign for one in my neighborhood yesterday! immediately my brain pushed out all other obligations for the day and repeatedly said 'must get to rummage sale now', 'must get to rummage sale now' [which is ridiculous, i know]. so i drove around the block, adrenaline pumping, and entered the church. as i entered, i realized that i made it to the last 15 minutes of the two day sale but there still were some goodies left...

  • vintage electric food warmer [price tag said it still works!]
  • blue Ball jar w/lid
  • homer laughlin plate with brown & black motifs on the rim
  • green metal tray [i will probably make this into a chalkboard or magnet board for my market displays]
  • 1950's book titled 'Around the World in 1000 Pictures'

  • wood potato chip bowl
  • two wood display trays [they have cork on the bottom and will also be worked into my market displays]
  • a very small set of glass shakers with red lids
  • a trivet in a scandinavian language i haven't figured out yet

 and the most beautiful embroidered tablecloth...aren't those lilacs wonderful?!

now i'm off to clean everything up...did you have a good weekend? i would love to hear what got your adrenaline pumping lately!