Wednesday, March 31, 2010

first garage sale of 2010... of my favorite seasons of the year has begun! you thrifters out there all know what I'm talking about (especially you, Ponder!)... it's the start of garage sale season! Yipeee! It's time to start scouting for those Friday garage sales I can hit on my way to work and to start carrying cash in small bills at all times :D

So, this is what I found today, not much, but it will do... 

The paint-by-numbers are not dated but are still cute. If nothing else, the oak frames are worth a $1 each! Then there is the milk glass vase with the cute blue and green mod flowers and next is a Shenango restaurant ware bowl with dark green stripes. Oh, and I also picked up a wool/cashmere sweater that I am going to attempt to unravel in order to reuse the yarn.

So, have you been to any garage sales yet this year?

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Anonymous said...

I hit an indoor yard sale this morning (kind of contradictory, huh?) and found a great old wood satchel, a collapsible wire farm egg basket, some books, old sheet set, etc. Great scores! I'm SO excited for yard sale season to be upon us again!

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