Monday, March 22, 2010

weekend recap... actually for a week since I was off for the boys' Spring Break. We didn't get to go anywhere warmer, which was actually a good thing since hubby and youngest son both ended up being sick for at least three days. So, I crafted and crafted and crafted... 

First, I finished up the embroidered buttons for the swap.

Next, I took out the hems out of my pajama pants that Bernie shrunk (we pretty much split the housework, but he has been banned for doing my laundry - he dries everything on Hot...grrr).

Third, I made great headway of my squiggles trivet (sorry no pics but I'll take some when I've finished it).

Then I finished up six crocheted dish towel toppers that one of my friends at work 'hired' me to do.

 (Oh, and speaking of crafting jobs for my co-workers, A's SIL loved the two green and pink minky blankets I made! Whew!)

And my final crafting venture was to make a chain for a bead I re-discovered as I was cleaning off my craft desk. The bead is ceramic and I got it at a garage sale for $0.75! I decided to crochet a wide chain for it.

There were other goings-on, of course, like non-stop NCAA Tournament action and YES! UNI beat Kansas!! and as predicted, we woke up to 6" of this on Saturday morning
which has now all melted, thank goodness!

What did you do this weekend?

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IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Great looking chrocheted dish towels. I also love the bead. It's great when you find little surprises like that.

Dan is banned from my laundry too. He dries everything.

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