Monday, March 15, 2010

word around the office... that my mad crafting skills are for hire. Yes, I pimped myself out when I heard co-workers talking about baby shower gifts they were needing. So, my first job was to sew a baby blanket set for A. She wanted a small ribbon tag blanket and a matching and larger baby blanket and I sent her out with yardage amounts for fabric and ribbon...
The pink minky and celery green sateen were very pretty together. The only difficult part was sewing two 'opposite' fabrics together with my machine on the bigger blanket. So, I decided to hand-stitch the quilting lines and the entire binding, which took longer but was enjoyable (and would have been relaxing had I not cut it so close on the deadline). I'm off work this week to coincide with the boys' Spring Break, so I haven't heard if A's SIL liked the set or not- I'm kinda nervous... I think A wants me to crochet a baby afghan for her daughter and has some other 'jobs' for me, so I really hope the blankets were a hit.

And speaking of Spring Break, it's been joyous so far! Nothing big going on, just really glad I don't have to go to work... Bernie is off too so it's been a nice long weekend so far. Hoping to go overnight to Minneapolis this week so I can get to IKEA! I'm ashamed to confess that I've never been there and cannot wait...they better have at least one yard of every fabric that they carry!!


Anonymous said...

This sounds so great. My son is grown now, so I miss those school breaks. IKEA overwhelms me, I can only manage a trip about once a year. I'm posting your buttons on flickr now, so don't look if you want to be surprised!

Rosina said...

I love that... 'pimping' yourself out! LOL It never hurts to toot your own horn once in a while :) Such a sweet project that I'm sure they love it!

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